AI Enabled Predictive Healthcare Mitigate Risck Of Cardiac Attack

Taking this as an open discussion, technology has gotten it way and going to greater heights. The world today cannot operate without technology. Scientist keep coming up with new inventions. Now we have robots and computer devices taking up the human role.

When we mention about the Artificial intelligence system, what come to our minds is the state of art machines. Machines or computer devices which can read and almost function like human.

With this technology can be said to have completely changed everything containing treatment and diagnosis. Medical practitioners are using new devices to diagnosis diseases and administer treatment with the results given by the machine.

This has increase the medical bill making treatment so expensive nowadays. In real sense you can never have a balance in cost and treatment on has to be high than the other.

Notably technology is gaining more in terms of the cost. But a research by the Apollo Hospital in conjunction with Microsoft. In the Indian country they are taking a study on AI powered cardiovascular disease risk score. This is basically a search to learn how risk of cardio vascular disease in the country and the world at large.

Now is technology helping in the predictive health model? Is the AI data help in mitigating the risk of cardiac attacks?

What are predictive models? This are devices which take up data to determine the future. By use of the internet you find the sites which contain different history. Data is correct from different resources the predictive model will go through the information and come up with final prediction of the future.

With new technologies and use of AI this is machine learning the human perspective a lot has been achieved. The computer devices can predict chances of an individual to get cardio attacks in future.

Importance of the predictive models

The models can now give results of other chronic disease. Basically we need the predictive models as they help in early preventions. Helps in changing a lifestyles and give the medical fraternity to be prepared with the right medication and solutions.

This reduce future struggles in search for medical and treatment of certain disease. Physicians are prepared in all ways to keep up with diseases. Thanks to the predictive models and technology.

Some reports from an interview with ETCIO Arvind SivaranaKrishan CHCIO, Apollo Hospital. They gave their take on the use of the AI enabled predictive models.

They feel it the best as they will use the models to prevent cardiac attacks. Using the AI algorithm they take the challenge with the help of Microsoft. The AI system works in keeping track of the patterns of the cardiac disease in the Indian country’s population.

Results show some incorrect finds in the past years. However the team of medical practitioners and Microsoft are working to ensure they get positive results. The process is to give the score list of cardio vascular attacks pattern and the preventive measures to take.

This brings a glimmer of hope in the medical field and to the whole population. Predictive models are considered as life saving devices now and in future. This a relief to all the patients as they are sure they can get correct results and know their chances of cardio vascular attacks in future.

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