Why Android Collects 10 Times More Data Than iOS ?

PDF link paper digital content next a trade organisation which was created by Douglas Schmidt professor from Vanderbilt University. Reveals that an Android test which was done show Android phone which had chrome app running at the background. Could transmit location details to google. This was experienced 340 time at a span of 24 hours. It further indicates the transmission were at 14 times per interval.

This has created a good platform for the Android device over other smart devices. The transmission were ten time more and stronger than Ios, thus giving it an upper hand. Fact indicate that an Android mobile phone transmits data 50 times more. This is has been seen of devices which are left idle.

Other Ios phones don’t send data in high voltage. The device might active or idle but won’t get to the level of the Android device. This has popularized the Android and attracted many new users to it. New studies also show that Android has other methods of correcting data. They might not focus on them but they contribute in making Android what it has become.

Different platforms used are

Android app like the YouTube, maps and publisher tools. Android data is easily send using the chrome app and is more effective than in other devices. The company has plans to introduce a brand new Android device namely Android pie. It will take more on data location.

Though google feels details about Android is a bit misleading and shouldn’t be taken seriously. This is goes according to Mashable but in real times Android and chrome has shown outstanding performance.

Android being a smart device shows capabilities of providing location no matter which corner of the world. This makes it unique as it can help in tracing and investigating people where about. Android company has ensure to equip the devices with great apps which also contribute to data location.

We have the maps, an app which has come in handy to assist in locating places. One doesn’t have to keep asking or calling for direction. Just type the name of the certain place in there you get directions. It goes further to give minutes to take while driving and when on foot.

Technology has really taken shape and Android devices are doing the great job of ensuring clients get the best.

Android doesn’t cease to amaze it user, they have a nice app called double click where you get all ads. Double click sends and identifies all users attached to your Android device. This just a variety of the few goodies of Android devices. It doesn’t make the others less important but stands to lead as other follow.

Ensure to wait for the new devices coming up in the innovation of Android pie. They will release the best of pied devices which can power data location and other nice details. It will be much easier for location and to operate other apps. This might take shorter time and thus help Android maintain its fame.

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