Artificial Intelligence System For Your Personality By Eye Movement

Genius might be an under estimation or term to give Psychologist and scientist. As far as I can remember researchers, psychologist and all the brainy fraternity. Have been trying to learn and study human personality. Efforts to come up with right personality has lead them to study the character, handwriting, sleep patterns, posture and even behavior.

Time has passed and a lot of test taken with the urge to get solid evidence or answers. However in the recent years there seem a glimmer of hope. The researchers claim that the eye has a lot to offer when it comes to human personality. We can see how true by checking some of the facts and laid points from the research gathered.

Further the research has an attachment with the computer device. This where the questions fall in. How will a mere computer device read my personality? Psychologist and neuroscientist agree on the fact that computer can analyze your behavior through eye movement.

Using the AI system the researchers have made it possible to have a collaboration of computer-human team. It can learn when you are curious, extrovert and other personalities. Some of this study are composed by the Max Planck Institute for informatics where they agree that software will read the human feeling.

Personality and AI system

In the common layman mind one might wonder why a software will be more intelligent than human. All this gadget are manufacture however a study from Max Planck institute for informatics and from Andreas Bulling who is from the research team. Agree and make conclusion that computers through the AI by now can read four personality.

  • Curiosity level
  • Agreeable
  • Neurotic
  • Extrovert

More studies from Germany University of Stuttgart shows and really rubbers stamps the above research. The University took practical test on several individuals 42 in number for days and using the AI system they found out computers can actually read human personality through eye movement.

Scientists and are very optimistic that in the coming years the machine and computers will determine all human personality.

Why study human personality anyway?

Neuroscience take on this new research show that they can make robots and computers. They will make them more natural near human like character to ease some of human hassles. They would want to make the robot and computers understand the verbal cues. It might takes some years but so far so good.

It more of improving human –machine relationship. Dr Loestscher from University of South Australia feels gratified with AI operation system and the success in the eye movement study. Making it easier to learn human personality for them it job well done and gear to have more research to boost human-machine interaction.

More research and finds are based and produced by the Journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. All this big study team have solid prove giving an assurance of more robots and computers working and almost functioning but most of all reading human social signs. This might take a while but with the evidence already laid down the AI future looks brighter.

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