Corporate User To Optimize Email Security

Email being one of the ancient form of technology. It has beaten the test of times, going through password leaking and hacking. Technician coming up with different ways to make email security more efficient. As you come to think of it email has surpass all the communication channels as it’s widely used in companies and also personally to convey important details.

Experts believe that one should make changes in password setting after few months. Have different passwords for different email accounts and also several accounts according to the uses. All this trickles down to email security.

Let’s come to think of email security for corporate or business world. Though they are generation of new technology and communication media. Email has proven to be the best for business communication. It feels more secure and official for business as companies have their email sent to clients and other business partners.

Challenging part is email security is at risk. Technology is giving more power to hackers who can access the any account with just a few clicks. How safe is safe for corporates? Email account for corporates might be insecure if they don’t take enough measures. But how can corporates secure their email and maintain their standards?

Security measures for corporates to take

Always check the internal email corporates

Cyber-attacks and email insecurity are the most common problems in a corporate. We always hear of Malware and virus. It doesn’t just happen to personal email but also to companies. It always advisable for corporates to have technician who will have regular check and make new setting to the email used for the business. Have the employees give feedback on any suspicious finding on their companies account. They shouldn’t use the business email for personal details as they attract virus from external sources.

Blocking of large email attachments

In most case emails have attachments but not large as 10MB. This might be too small for corporates but very safe. Emails with 10MB plus attachment mostly don’t get delivered. The sender also might get a feedback of file not send. Large file are always at a risk to getting the Malware attacks and virus. Take files like excel and PDF’s which are at risk and can cause email insecurity.
However corporates don’t have to take things hard. They have better alternatives. Cloud service, google drive are some of the best options for large files. Note never open suspicious email and links as they might contain virus.

Employee email training

It always nice to have good relationship with your works. Adding them a little knowledge about email accounts and the company won’t do any harm. Let the employees learn all email policy, they should learn what to do and what not with the corporate email. Employees should also learn about suspicious email and links and not to open thus reducing possible dangers. They should always check the sender and if unknown first to verify before opening the email.

Encrypt all email accounts

End to end encryption is the best way to secure your email. Information won’t be leaked outside making it hard for hackers. Remember all email are important and should be safe, this the only way to keep information to yourself as a corporate.

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