Cyber Attack and Cyber Security

Meaning contrary to each other, the above terms are based on computer system and computer networks. They have different meaning though seeming self-explanatory according to the names. We shall take one at a time and juxtaposition them.

Cyber-attack: being our first take the term means any apparent attempt to steal, or gain access to computer information. This is forcefully without any authority from the legal user. The attack may be directed to big companies, organization or even the government itself. There also cases of cyber-attacks on personal computer devices. We have heard of different case of hacking.

This counts as an attack, when a person and persons want to invade and access personal details of your computer network. Some install other networks and feed the system with wrong and unpleasant data.

Cyber-security : Also meaning computer security takes totally opposite of the cyber-attack. With the word security making the huge difference. Cyber-security basically means protection of the computing system from damage, hacking and wrong access.

It security for all the system of the computer’s hardware and software. Change of passwords and security details is an essential part of security, companies and organization should keep checking and updating their security systems.

Here in this article will discuss about types of cyber-attacks and several things you need to learn about cyber-security.

Types of cyber-attacks

Most of us take attacks as one and the same, here we learn about the different types. We have some which occur occasionally.

TCP SYN flood attack: this a rare kind of attack and which uses data transmission to block users computing system. The cyber thief will destroys the user computer by use of buffer space. This happens in a transmission control protocol TPC. In simpler language the attacker will send in small bit some connection request. The system will not respond and with time the request will accumulate with no answers and help crash your device.

Smurt attack: here attacker use IP hoaxing and he/she fills your system with unwanted traffic. You get a fake IP address will be send to your broadcast address severally. Traffic will overtake your system disabling it to work effectively.

Denial of service and distributed denial-of-service: here the system is interrupted and cannot respond to any form of request granted. In this attack the attacker doesn’t gain any access to the system but lenders it useless.

About cyber-security
Having a bit of information about cyber-security helps a lot in computer world. This helps in installing security in all information contained in the device. Cyber-security is not only base on computers from organization but smart devices in our homes. All careers require cyber-security to help reduce the risk of attacks.

Data and mostly the secrets of companies are kept safe. Cyber-security should be enhanced to reduce attacks to zero percentage. We have several areas in life which involve cyber-security like

  • Information security
  • Application security.
  • Disaster security.

This are part of the securities cyber-security protects from outside harm and avoid tarnishing companies or individual names. It also helps avoid virus in our devices which are part of cyber-attacks.

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