Cyber Security An Armour For Healthcare Sector

Healthcare sector is broadest of all in the world. It holds millions of information. Patients visit health centers leaving important and very personal details. It’s the duty of health workers to secure the information on their data base. However it might have never clicked to healthcare employee that the information might be at jeopardy.

How true is this? Digitalization has changed the world 180° health facilities no longer have paper work. They have most of data on software. It easier to access rather than perusing through files. Software method has really worked well and patients can access or even get transfers easily to other facilities.

Countries like Indian which have great population and still growing. Have internet coming in handy in matters to do with healthcare. The country has transformed to digital world and use smart devices to access their health details.

This a nice way to move however the whole sector is at risk. Cyber-attack the mushrooming business for hackers. Has penetrated its way through to healthcare. Information saved and very secure might be exposed if not well secured. We have the cyber security as the only option to curb this act.

Facts about the attacks on the healthcare details are case in US where a hospital WannaCry. Was involved in an attack and led to closer of emergency rooms. It was a blow to many patient who had to take transfers.

An attack leaves hospital paralyzed as attackers or hacker bleach and give misinformed data about patients. This can lead to serious actions which can end-up to death cases. Taking the WannaCry attack which was reported in year 2017 was a set back to healthcare sector. The information on the devices couldn’t be retrieved thus damaging lot of files.

It has been note healthcare sector receive highest percentage in cyber-attack. The health fraternity is coming up with proper ways to secure information. Cyber security being to protect information either for personal or corporate world. Having technician deployed in all healthcare’s and ensure data is full encrypted will really help curb cyber-attacks on the patients data.

What are the steps to take in enhancing cyber security? Taking the stand of better to prevent than cure. I highly advocate for aligning cyber security strategies rather than dealing with the attack itself. Highlighted below are the cyber security measures to take.

Have risk assessments

Having new technologies each day data is saved and secured in this technologies. Sometimes not sure what they contain and how secure. However health centers should have their data storage assessed after every few months.

Penetration testing: This sort of testing or trying a cyber-attack on your device. Healthcare sectors should do different cyber-crime test using high profession staff. They will learn how vulnerable their systems are or how strong they are.

Encrypt all data: Encryption can never go wrong on any internet procedure and Medias. Most of the new technology are using this method to secure their data. Each patients details should have end to end encryption.

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