Different Ways to Study Education in Abroad

Foreign study is a dream for end every student. It is encouragement for Research on famous universities…international planning based education. Apart from all these, foreign degree plays an important role in job markets and also demand on it, every student is thinking about doing masters degree in foreign. At this situation, let us have a focus on countries which stands as top destination for the students.

America, Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore are the countries which stands as popular destination for the students. Foreign universities during admission time have making many things which are considered. Academic record, SAT / GRE / GMAT / TOFEL / IELTS score, statement of verbs, Research work experience, resume, financial statement……….. And other matters are considered.

Different Ways to Study Abroad (Other Countries)

These Scores are Compulsory:-
GRE, TOFEL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT… Are the examinations in which the students must get the decided score for those who want to do foreign studies? Based on the countries, when we examine the required examinations and scores……

  • For the MS courses in USA, TOFEL/IELTS, GRE scores are compulsory for bachelor courses, TOFEL, SAT SCORE must be there for management course entry, GMAT score is compulsory.
  • To do masters, Bachelor, Diploma courses in Canada, TOFEL (score 80/120), IELTS (6.5/9) is compulsory, some universities will also consider the GRE score. GMAT score is compulsory for management courses.
  • In Germany, for master courses TOFEL (score 80/120), IELTS (score 6.5/9) is compulsory. Only for some courses GRE score is important for management course GMAT score is compulsory.
  • For the universities in Australia IELTS (6.5/9 this score will change based on universities) is compulsory for management course entry GMAT, TOFEL score is compulsory.
  • Singapore universities are considering IELTS (6.5/9) score. To join in top universities GRE score is compulsory. To join in management course GMAT score is compulsory.
  • Britain universities are considering IELTS (6.5/9, this store will change based on universities) and TOFEl, score is also considered. GMAT score is compulsory for entry in management courses.
  • NewZealand universities are seeing IELTS (6.5/9, this score will change based on universities) score.

Popular Courses:-
The students who are going for studies in America are selecting computer science mostly. The next place is IT, management related course. They are also showing interest in electrical engineering, Bio-technology other engineering parts, PhD, sports management. In Australia graduate level engineering, computer sciences, medicine, life sciences, hotel management, Aviation courses are leading in importance. Britain is the best avenue for MBA, Engineering, computer science, Law mass communication, and Medicine and life science courses. Life sciences, Bio- sciences, Aeronautical engineering, Technology, Related courses plays a correct stage in Germany. In NewZealand and Singapore…… Engineering, MBA, hotel management, computer sciences, mass communication courses are popular. Must Also Read This Article – Education Loans are the way to study.

Documents necessary for Visa Application:-

  • Passport, Visa application, visa fees DD.
  • Admission conformation letter.
  • Academic qualification certificates.
  • Course fees receipt.
  • Required Examination (GRE and other) scores.
  • Financial statements.
  • The other person who is sponsoring the particular student…..the letter given by the person who is sponsoring.
  • Sponsorer Income Tax statement.

Several Websites Related to Foreign Education:-

  • www.ukvisas.gov.in
  • www.canada.co.in
  • www.immi.gov.an
  • www.wducationusa.state.gov
  • www.singaporeedu.gov.sg
  • www.immigration.gov.nz
  • www.studyin.de/en

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