How to find Mac address of windows 10, 8, 7 os in your laptop / pc

MAC as popularly known is the short form for Media Access Control. MAC address is a unique number used to identify network adapters which are installed in your device. the address comprises of 6 characters which are well divided by colons.

MAC address are significant as they are needed for routers connection. This gives strong connection which can be achieve by simple processes below. All window versions work well with the MAC.

finding Mac address
finding Mac address

What are the reason for MAC address?

  • Helps in configuring your router.
  • The address is used to filter the networks which can access it.
  • It helps is securing your network.
  • Helps you know devices connected to the router using MAC address.

Using windows 10

  • First you need to be connected to the internet. User must be connected either by being wireless or wired.
  • Now select the network image at the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Now select connection on your page and select the properties.
  • On the same page check for the MAC ID from the physical address.

Using windows vista, 7, 8

  • Go to the network section and connect to the network. If users need to connect wireless MAC card, they need to use WI-FI.
  • Now select the network icon which might resemble a monitor.
  • After the selection now click on the open network and share center.
  • The name of the network will be displayed on the screen near the connection. Click on the name of the network.
  • Select it and get all the details of the network, configuration information.
  • Now get the physical address, this will be your MAC ID.

Using windows 98 and XP

  • First connect to the network either the wireless or wired network interface.
  • Click on the network icon.
  • Now right click on the connection and the choose the status.
  • Get information about windows versions where it will give details about connection. This will resemble the Ipconfig tool which is in the command prompt.
  • Here you can look for the physical address of the MAC ID.

The above information covers the specified window versions. Here we also have steps covering all window versions which can be used to get the MAC address.

Using all window versions

  • First select the command prompt. Select Win+R buttons on your keyboard.
  • Now select cmd on the run field the enter, this will trigger the command prompt to start.
  • At the Run enter the following “GetMAC” and press enter.
  •  This command will show information for all the networks.
  • Again look for the physical address from the information.
  • The MAC address will be among the details, click on it.
  • Note there will be different MAC ID where wireless connection and wired connection will show different MAC address.

MAC can be found for all windows version by just connecting to the network. Getting either of the two will help you receive information about networks. Now choose from the networks and select the MAC address.

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