MicroSoft $40 M AI Program For Humanitarian Causes

The big giant Microsoft has official launched a five year program, known as the AI for Humanitarian action.The company has been pursued by the recent and occurring disasters in the world. It has come to notice that every corner of the world has a disaster in waiting. Some of this cause are human triggered while others are so natural.

Having learnt that we cannot avoid fate Microsoft has come up with a $ 40 M project and will involve the AI system. Coming to think of it. How will AI technology work in helping humanitarian crises? Basically Microsoft see’s the project with big numbers and picture. In real sense we don’t really understand how this technology will come through for the disaster stricken places. Microsoft is taking it focus on four different facts.

  • Recuperating from the disaster is their first priority.
  • Helping the children involved in the catastrophe.
  • Giving proper protection to the refugees and internally displaced people.
  • Advocating for respect for human rights.

Microsoft has conjoined this $40M project with an earlier plan $150 M project known as AI for Good. The company has several other initiatives aligned. The AI for Earth and AI for accessibility. All focusing in making life simpler for individuals involve in disaster.

AI as well-known as machine intelligence will help in predicting some and solving some of the future problems. Microsoft has invited some NGO and other Humanitarian groups. The groups are to assist in funds and support of the project to ensure it well established.

This has not yet answered the above question. How will AI technology help? Microsoft has given solid example according to each category.

Taking the disaster recuperation

Microsoft stands to agree that every part of the world is at risk of a natural or human triggered disaster. They feel AI technology will coming by predicting the signs. Examples of Hurricanes, drought and fires.

They will know beforehand and try to stop it. It will also prepare the people in the certain area of coming catastrophe. This will assist in moving to better places, they can learn where famine and drought will strike. Organization dealing with relief are alerted on time.

Children in disaster

AI technology will help the government and other organization in protecting children. In some case of child abduction and slavery. The technology can predict some of the places where the trafficking and abduction happening.

The ages and how to protect the children from getting into such snares. It also help in identity of some children who are found or even found dead trace back to their roots.
Refugees and the displaced persons.

AI technology will assist in the huge number of displaced people in the world. Organizations and government will learn the needs of the refugees. The will learn their lives and native languages plus how to help curb displacement and refugees from increasing. They will be connected to resources and other basic needs by the help of AI technology.

Human rights

AI technology will help Microsoft access organizations and humanitarian organization and prevent human right abuse. They will be able to learn areas and places where some of the abuses and the population going through the abuse.

It helps in caring and assisting affected individuals.
It becomes clearly with such examples of how the AI technology and such a big investment will be implemented to assist the world.

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