Philips Launches India’s First Future Health Index

India has received its first big edition of future health index (FHI). It was officially launched by the Royal Philip Company. Which is one of the popular healthcare technology leader in the world. FHI is basically a research conducted to show the readiness of countries to deal with healthcare issues and problems.

It is an establishment also to help in sustaining perfect national health system in the country. The take of this platform is to implement technology on healthcare service and help produces the best and efficient healthcare system. All this taking place on 21st June 2018 the Royal Philip Company’s President Rohit Sathe.

Gives a view on FHI as he feels the study yields results of India not having enough skilled workers in the healthcare sector. There is also a shortage in hospital facilities like beds and medication. However he adds and says the FHI system gives proper information and helps improve on healthcare matters. Technology being the basis on growth in medical field. It has come in handy to assist positive delivery in all healthcare practices.

What are the key finds about the new technology FHI 2018?

  • FHI technology has found that there is a shortage of medical stuff. This not being enough hospitals lack enough facilities. This have affect the healthcare sector in India as the ration of skill to unskilled is relatively low. Taking the ratio of 29:109 which is the lowest rank among other 16 countries.
  • The finds also show that lack of facilities is a hindrance to providing medication to the patients.
  • Looking at the bigger picture we see only urban and semi-urban hospital are doing well in terms of technology and facilities. This being a disadvantage to rural area hospitals, patients don’t have proper care thus leading to issues like early deaths.
  • India having score the lower score happens to be in the fore front in matters to do with AI technology. The technology is said to improve the health score of the citizens in the years to come. This will also help in improving services in the healthcare sector.
  • The introduction of AI to the general public through the mobile phone Apps. Will greatly improve the healthcare sector. Patients can learn about their health and the medication needed before hand.
  • In reality health workers or professional have the task to educated and promote the use of technology. This will improve data analysis and move the country a notch higher.
  • Health professional who claim to be very knowledgeable in matters of health. Feel new technologies will change the healthcare sector in future.
  • Phillips takes the task of checking and handling the above challenges. They have taken up several initiative to ensure healthcare goes back on track. They will take different surveys and approaches to help them get to the solution part of it.
  • Philips will use the PPP model which basically means post the success of public private partnership. This will help them get answers to several problems.

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