Best opportunities in Teaching Career

Teaching, and teacher are terms used to illustrate impact of knowledge to others. Teaching can be both formal or informal depending on the environment. Actually we all grown up having a teacher around us some impacting a positive attitude or the negative side of being a teacher. All careers go through a brave teacher who passed the knowledge for you to be a technician or president etc.

In my view teachers are the core pillars of our lives. They have greater responsibility compared to the parent. Taking teachers dealing with young ages, who spend almost half of the day with the children. Here children imitate and act according to their teacher’s character

Teaching as a career

When we think of teaching we tend to phrase the imagination with young children and how much you have to shout and have rough days.  However, teaching is probably more of passion than a career. You need to have greater heart for children and students. Have positive mind of impacting the best and producing the best. Aim high and let the children/students see the bigger picture.

India has high number of schools and colleges in the country. Thousands of students enroll for various courses and schools and start of their school life. The government has established different colleges where teachers can pursue their degree and diplomas. After this they are posted in various schools offering subjects like:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Agricultural studies

Opportunities in teaching career

After establishing teaching as your passion now you need to learn which field to take. There are different sectors of teaching as follows:

  • Pre-school teachers
  • Nursery teachers
  • Primary teachers
  • Secondary school
  • College and university
  • Educational research based institutions
  • Opening your own school
  • Teaching special education for the special children.

From the list one can easily select the field where they are more comfortable. Pick on passion but not but the benefits and the salary. Truth about teachings is no matter how big your salary is if you have no connection with your class you will never be comfortable. It will always be frustration after frustration.

Emphasis on the teaching career

Special education.

A piece of advice is recognizing your field, work to make better by advancing education wise and with time your salary will be better. Never venture into a territory you’re not sure of, example some take special needs due to the attractive salary. Nonetheless they have difficulties in handling the special children. This one of the best but challenging sector of teaching. Have passion, love and compassionate towards these children in order to relate them. Basically in the special unit you work extra without minding the salary and the rewards.

Pre-school, nursery, primary school teachers

The second best chance in the teaching career, innocent beings all about life and educative stuff. Molding their future, and impacting the best of their childhood. Remember you have to be patient and understanding since all children are different.

Colleges universities teachers

This may seem the best but challenging career, you have to deal with students who are of different ages. They here to shape their career and need vast knowledge. Lectures need more education to impact others meaning you have to updated on every event.

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